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Working in the Warehouse

On your own
but not alone.

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Home Renovations

Reduce Your Costs

Expert Advice
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Avoid Pitfalls 

Welcome to

Home Renovation Consultants

New house? Old house?

Remodeling can be overwhelming
and you want to be sure that you're doing everything right. For your project, you'll hire contractors to do the work and you'll probably do a bit yourself. But managing the work yourself comes with its own challenges like:


Maybe you have a quote already.
You might have more than one. Which one do you choose? You just want to be sure you're making the right decision and we can be there for that, too.


HRC will place all the information in your hands so that you can get your job done right. And the best part is with HRC, you have an expert in design & construction by your side to answer questions.

In three steps, you'll have someone who can guide you and
answer your questions about remodeling and new construction.

In Person or Virtual options.

  • scheduling

  • bidding

  • budget

  • how payments work.

 Schedule a free consultation

 We can help you coordinate or oversee the work

If you want, we'll be there from start to finish

On your own but not alone.

In Person & Virtual Appointments

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