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Our Services

Guidance & Consulting

How much help do you want?

Not sure where to begin?
We offer a Walk & Talk. We'll meet with you
(in person or virtually) to discuss your project and get you on your way.

This is a generally a site visit to discuss viability of project. If you feel you need additional help, contact us and we'll guide you to the package that fits best.

Up to one hour consultation.

Additional time available.

​(Can be separated into 2 or 3 calls)

Package A - One time fee $225.

Walk & Talk

Drilling With Dad
Blue Print

Forms & Guidance

Do you have a quote from a contractor?

Maybe you have more than one.

Which one do you choose?

We can help you decide which quote is fair, suggest the best course to proceed, provide forms & be there when you need us!

Choose this option and you will get:

  • A 30 Page packet about what to do first, bidding, contractors, insurance, payments, inspectors, scheduling & more!

  • PLUS up to one hour personalized consultation. 
    Additional time available.​ 
    ​​(Can be separated into 2 or 3 calls

On Your Own

Package B - One time fee $525

Consulting Package

Sometimes you need more guidance and that's okay!  We'll be there for the big questions and the small ones.

  • You'll get all the forms you need

  • Subcontractor recommendations & verification (if local)

  • Review your schedule of work

  • Review payment schedules

  • PLUS three hours of personalized consultation.
    (Can be between 5 or 6 calls.
    Additional time available if needed)

Package C - Please call for an accurate quote

Renovating a House

On your own but not alone.

In Person & Virtual Appointments Available

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