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  • What if I have no idea where to start?
    That's a great question! And that's why we're here. Just contact us for a free consultation and we'll get you started.
  • My package has two hours of consultation. What does that mean?
    Calls are 15 minute increments. So you can chat for 15 or a half hour or forty-five minutes. The two or three hours can be divided however you need it. If you feel you need more time after what's offered in the package, time is calculated at $225 the first hour and then $75 an hour after that.
  • Will you do a site visit? In person or virtually?
    Yes! We will do a physical site visit if your are local to Long Island, New York If you are located outiside our area, a virtual visit via Zoom or FaceTime can be arranged.
  • Why do I need certain forms?
    A contract is written to protect the author of the document. In other words, if someone you hire gives you a contract to sign, it protects them—not you. So you need to protect yourself and make sure certain information is included to protect yourself. A contract can provide: · Assurance of quality of work · Dependability · Proper completion · Adherence to codes · Change orders in writing · Payment schedule Package A and all other packages provide you with the forms you'll need.
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